The Baker Boys

Cystic Fibrosis is a fatal genetic disease that affects Gavin and Jake’s lungs. It will cut their lives short unless a cure is found. They have daily treatments and medications that only treat their symptoms, and will not save their lives.

Why does ShamRockin' raise money to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation?

• Over 90% of dollars donated to CFF go directly to research to find a cure.
      • The 30,000 young people suffering with CF depend exclusively on grass-roots fundraising efforts to support the researchers who will save their lives.
      • The life expectancy, while higher than in previous years, is still only 37.
      • The fundraising is working! Kalydeco, approved by the FDA in 2012 is saving the lives of 4% of the CF population!
• In 2013, ShamRockin' For A Cure raised over $242,000 to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis with our battle cry: FUCF!!!

It is a tribute to Jon and Pam that CF does not define Gavin or Jake. Gavin dreams of going to the XGames because he is that talented on the wakeboard. Jake dreams to perform one day on Broadway and play in the NFL, although his greatest wish is to be a daddy. They need hope for their future, and that their future will be longer than 20 years. They need a cure!


Take a look at who inspires us

Gavin and Jake have definitely seen some changes since our first ShamRockin' in 2008 - both good and bad.  They have been fortunate enough to have remained in good health with only a few bumps along the way (feeding tubes and drastic lung function drops are bumps, right??).  Gavin is 13 now!  He continues to compete in wakeboarding tournaments throughout the summer and became one of only a handful of 7th graders to make the Roswell Junior Hornets Lacrosse team.  He was also just accepted into the Advanced Leadership Academy at Camp High Harbour, so lots of fun stuff!  Jake, 10, found his passion this past year in tennis.  He can't get enough of it and will play any chance he gets.  He still loves acting and will be in the upcoming production of The Jungle Book at Mountain Park.  Living life to the fullest - that's how we roll at the Baker house!!

This video was made for the Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis in  2008. Our team, the Baker Boys Battalion, features Gavin and Jake - both  with CF.